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Police Dog Finds Missing Mother And Child On First Day Of Work

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Police Dog Lauded After It Finds Missing Mother And Child On First Case

POLICE DOG’S FIRST DAY – A Police dog from the United Kingdom was commended as it finds a missing mother and her one-year-old baby on the first day of its job.

Max, a German Shepherd found the mother and child at the edge of a ravine after they went missing for a couple of days. Max had to cover a large area on his first day on the job as a report was filed that a mother and her baby went missing for more than two days.

Furthermore, the mother’s phone was also unreachable causing major concerns from her family. After a through investigation of their home and asking neighbors, reports from Inquirer said the police found the mom’s car on a mountain road.

Police Dog Finds Missing Mother And Child On First Day Of Work
Image from: BBC

This gave the authorities a big lead, but, the next hurdle they had to face was the size of the area they had to search, especially because the mother had been missing for days. Luckily, the police had Max along with them who showed off his tracking skills.

As per the article, one of the policemen, Jonathan Rees-Jones who accompanied max said:

“Despite only recently becoming licensed, and on his first operational shift, he immediately commenced an open area search”.

Trailing behind Max, the authorities quickly found the mother crying out for help near a ravine on the mountain side. Afterward, they were given proper medical care once they were in a safer location.

Because of this, Max and his handler PC Pete Lloyd were commended for their quick work that led to the rescue of the mother and her baby.

I must give a special mention to PC Pete Lloyd and Max, who on their very first day since completing their training together covered a significant amount of mileage in the search, eventually locating them safe

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