Mike Enriquez Voiced Out Frustration On Election Results, Netizens React


Mike Enriquez obviously did not like the results of Election 2019

GMA’s Veteran journalist, Mike Enriquez voiced out his frustration on the result of the Election 2019 on national television.

Mike has hosted different news and public affairs in the Kapuso network, including his investigative journalism type of show titled Imbestigador.

Indeed, he is one of the most prominent names in the field of broadcasting. With his years in the industry, he was able to witness many elections already. Apparently, this year’s election brought frustration to him.

mike enriquez frustration on election results
Photo source: GMA

A day after the May 13 midterm election, partial and unofficial results are already coming in. During the Eleksiyon 2019 program of the Kapuso network, names of the top 12 senatorial candidates were shown.

With this, Mike Enriquez reacted. “Lahat ng mga nanalo, ma-interview natin. Gusto ko silang singilin. Ano ang maaasahan namin sa inyo,” he said.

He explained that as early as now everyone should have a comparison between the promises from the politicians and if they are fulfilling it or not.

Then, Mel Tiangco said that let the politicians rest for a while because they had been busy campaigning these past few weeks.

This received a fiery answer from Mike: “‘Yong mga walang tirahan at ‘yong walang panggamot pag may sakit, subukan mo silang sabihan konting panahon pa ha, tiis tiis lang.”

Because of this video, the veteran journalist was among the trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Mike stressed out that if only half of the promises from the politicians will be fulfilled, the Philippines will be a better country.

In the video, it can be seen that Mel Tiangco and Jessica Soho were trying to calm him down. Then, apparently, the floor director signaled them to pause for a commercial.

Here are some of the reaction from netizens.

What can you say about this?

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