Isko Moreno Speaks About Erap Estrada After Defeating the Ex-President


Isko Moreno Defeats Ex-President Erap Estrada in Mayoralty Race in Manila

ISKO MORENO – Actor-turned-politician Isko Moreno spoke about former President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada following the latter’s defeat in the mayoralty race in Manila.

May 13 has passed but it is still election season in the Philippines now. Currently, the Filipino people are monitoring the updates regarding the counting of votes and the proclamations happening everywhere in the country.

Undeniably, in this midterm election 2019, a lot of famous personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry sought for seats in the government. They made a decision to leave the limelight in the entertainment industry and become public servants.

One of these showbiz personalities is actor Isko Moreno. He previously filed his candidacy for the mayoralty position in Manila – against former President and Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada.

Isko Moreno
Photo Courtesy of The Manila Times

Isko Moreno ended triumphant in the mayoralty race against outgoing Manila Mayor Erap Estrada. Recently, the Manila mayor-elect broke his silence and spoke about the former President.

Based on a recent report on GMA News, speaking to an interview with Unang Balita, Moreno expressed well-wishes for the outgoing mayor of Manila.

“I wish him well, good health, and I hope he will enjoy his time with his family,” he said.

Erap Estrada
Photo Courtesy of VL Trends

According to Moreno, he has yet to speak to former Pres. Estrada after the May 13 election. The Manila mayor-elect expressed that maybe the service given by Erap to the people is already enough and it is time for him to be with his family.

“Siguro naman sapat na rin ‘yung napaglingkod niya sa taong bayan at napapanahon naman siguro na makasama niya ang kanyang pamilya,” Moreno said.

Based on the report, Isko Moreno and former Pres. Erap Estrada were once political allies. Aside from the former President, the actor-turned-politician also defeated former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.


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