Vico Sotto Reveals Eusebio’s Supporters Who Protested Texted Him


Robert Eusebio’s supporters texted Vico Sotto while they were protesting

Newly-elected Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto revealed that some of the supporters of his opponent Robert Eusebio texted him while they were protesting.

When Vico was being proclaimed inside the city hall, the supporters of the incumbent mayor were protesting outside. They were asking the Commission on Election to conduct a manual vote recount.

Robert Eusebio claimed that there was a “dayaan” during the 2019 midterm election. That was the root of why his supporters started to gather outside the city hall to protest.

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On the other hand, Vico, the son of showbiz veterans Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, said that cheating is impossible on their part because his opponent is the incumbent mayor. Eusebio is in the position and he has the machinery.

During a recent interview on ANC, the 29-year-old politician was asked about the protest on the day when he was proclaimed.

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He said that some of the protesters even texted him.

“Some of the people who were there in the gym and outside of city hall, some of them were texting me, ‘Vico pasensya na kailangan lang naming pumunta dito ha,” he revealed.

He added that those people who texted him said that they will support him once his term commences.

With this, the young politician said that it will be not difficult for him to work with the people in the city hall.

For Vico Sotto, those working in the local government of Pasig City do not need to be loyal to him. He said that employees should be loyal to the city and to their service.

Watch the interview.

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