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Kiko Pangilinan Slammed By Netizens For His Statement To Unite Opposition

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Senator Kiko Pangilinan slammed by netizens for his statement to unite the opposition for the supposed democracy in the Philippines.

Senator Francis or Kiko Pangilinan is one of the politicians in the opposition who is really vocal that he is against the present administration.

Though previously his wife Sharon Cuneta had a meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte, the Senator respected that and stayed on his side of belief regarding the situation of the Philippine government.

Kiko Pangilinan

Pangilinan, who is the president of Liberal Party, recently released a statement which gathered negative comments from netizens.

The Facebook Page of News 5 posted the statement of the lawmaker on March 27, 2018.

According to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, a strong opposition is needed in order to ensure that the democracy in the country will continue to live.

In addition, the lawmaker stated that they are hoping for the union of groups and individuals that will fight for the independence and the civil and political rights.

(News 5 FB Page)

With these words from the veteran politician, many netizens slammed the statement which intended to unite the opposition.

Here are some top comments about what Kiko Pangilinan stated.

Facebook user ‘Qhulet Pineda’ said that if the opposition will unite, then they will know whose name will not be included on their ballots for the next election.

“cge..makakatulong talaga yan.samin lahat..para malamam n.agad namin.lahat kung cno.cno lahat kayo na.hindi namin iboboto.sa eleksyon…kaya cgurado bokya na.kayong lahat mga hinayupak kayo..”

One netizen in the person of Kenneth Jude Pepito bravely stated that wealthy people in the country are just those who are benefitting in the so called “democracy”.

“democrasya parin ang mukang bibig uh! tarantado! kayo lang mga mayayaman oligarkihya nakikinabang sa tinatawag nyong democrasya, yung mga mahihirap kawawa!! our country is a failed democratic country!! Bulok ang mga systema! Bulok na constitusyon!! mga tarantadong Dilawan!”

Furthermore, Facebook user ‘Hardy Catigan’ lectured the real meaning of “opposition” and compared the situation of the Philippine politics to other countries.

“Gunggung din ito. Ang basura ay tinatapun sa basurahan. Kung nais mo ng isang malakas na oposisyon eh vakit hannggang ngayun hnd kau naging malakas na oposisyon? kontradiksyon ang tawag sa inyo dahil wala kaung ginawang maganda sa katagang OPOSISYON.. (NOTE sa mga hnd nakaka intindi sa salitang oposisyon. Sa ibang bansa tulad ng japan at south korea na ang mga oposisyon ay nakakatulong sa pag unlad ng bansa. Sila ung nag-oopose’ sa mga hnd katangi tanging ginagawa sa bansa. Pero kung ihahambing mo itong oposisyon sa pinas tulad ng mga kikos at trililings ay hnd mga genuine na opposition kundi mga sira ulong mga ulopong na kontradiksyon!”




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