Priest on Public Choosing PBBM: “Pinili natin ang manggagantso”

Priest Appeals Not to Blame God if Something Goes Wrong in the Country Under PBBM

A priest appealed to the public not to blame God if something goes wrong in the country under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (PBBM) administration.

A priest urged Twitter users to refrain from blaming God in the event that something negative happens to the nation in the coming days. Announcing himself as a priest, @pads_nosi stated in a tweet on June 29, the day before Marcos was sworn in as the country’s new president, that the Filipino people had chosen the leader they desired.

“Ayaw natin sa tapat, pinili natin ang manggagantso. Kaya huwag nating sabihing pinabayaan tayo ng Diyos, tayo ang magpapako ng mga sarili natin sa krus ng korapsyon, kahirapan at kawalang katarungan,” the priest said in his tweet.

Priest PBBM

The priest exhorted the “Kakampink” to continue fighting for their causes in another tweet. He declared that if we are committed to our cause, we must persevere and resist the urge to give up the struggle for a fair and compassionate society.

“The glimpse of hope brought by the pink movement in our very recent history as a country must live on. If we believe in our cause, we must persist and resist the temptation to withdraw from the fight for a just and humane society. We still have one another and our just God,” he added.

You may remember that the aforementioned priest was one of those who denounced Marcos for skipping the debates. BBM has previously stated that he would prefer to spend his time conversing with people than participating in discussions.

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