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Raffy Tulfo to Decriminalize Cyber Libel: “Pang-harass mga media workers”

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Raffy Tulfo Plans to Decriminalize Cyber Libel Claiming it is Used to Harass Media Workers

Senator Raffy Tulfo plans to decriminalize cyber libel as it is allegedly used by abusive individuals to harass media workers.

The senator is concerned about what media workers go through as a longtime part of the media. This includes the potential for libel charges when criticizing members of the government or other powerful people.

Tulfo Decriminalize Cyber Libel

For his columns in Abante Tonite regarding the alleged unlawful acts of a Bureau of Customs lawyer, Tulfo was charged with libel in 1999. Atty. filed a charge against Tulfo. César So.

So reacted angrily to Tulfo’s false and vicious claims. As a result of So supposedly betraying his wife, Tulfo also referred to So as a shame to the Iglesia ni Cristo. The Supreme Court recently dismissed the case against Tulfo.

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, who delivered the decision, claimed that the evidence against Tulfo was insufficient to convict him of libel. Tulfo declared that decriminalizing libel was one of his aims after winning his first political race and becoming a senator. He thinks it’s just a means of intimidating journalists.

“Ide-decriminalize ko ang libel kasi masakit sa ulo ‘yan. Nagiging harassment ‘yan para sa media workers. Ginagamit ‘yan pang-harass ng mga politiko, ng mga balat-sibuyas na mga taga-gobyerno na ayaw nila na sila ay napupuna,” said Tulfo, who finished third in the senatorial race after getting more than 23 million votes.

Tulfo noted, however, that the libel’s civil culpability could not be eliminated. He thinks that certain media professionals are likewise abusive and need to learn a lesson, based on the article of News 5.

“Kailangan pa rin ang civil liability kapag sumobra na ‘yung taga-media at wala na siya sa lugar, then bigyan natin ng pagkakataon na makakuha ng hustisya iyong nababanatan,” Tulfo said.

Tulfo acknowledged that it would be challenging for him to pass the legislation. He desires to join the Senate majority in order to increase the level of public support for his legislative initiatives. He participated in the election as an independent.

Even Ramon Tulfo, Tulfo’s older brother and a fellow columnist, is currently the target of a cyberlibel lawsuit. Vitaliano Aguirre II, a former secretary of the Department of Justice, filed it.

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