Remember Lah Seraspi? The Viral Top 2 LET Board Exam Passer

Do you remember Lah Seraspi? She went viral in 2015 after clinching the Top 2 spot in the Board Exam for Teachers, despite his simple life in a small hut. His story became an inspiration to many, and now, it has brought even more hope as she has built her big House.

Lah Seraspi

Lah Seraspi is just one of many Filipinos born into poverty but succeeded through hard work and determination. Her life is evidence that poverty is not a barrier to achieving dreams. Her story has brought wider recognition to the abilities and perseverance of those who do not give up in the face of life’s challenges.

In 2015, after graduating from college, he took the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Despite lacking materials and study comforts, this did not deter Lah. Instead, she used it as inspiration to strive harder. When the results came out, he emerged as the Top 2 in the exam. This news quickly spread and inspired many, especially students like him who came from difficult circumstances.

Lah Seraspi

But Lah’s story didn’t end there. After the LET, he immediately looked for work and worked hard to save his earnings. With every step, his dream of owning his own house served as motivation. Over the years, Lah worked diligently, persevered, and planned well for his future.

After several years of perseverance and hard work, Lah finally built her dream mansion. The small hut that once served as his and his family’s home was replaced by a comfortable house, a testament to his dedication and determination.

Lah Seraspi’s story is a clear example that nothing is impossible for those with dreams and determination. Poverty is not a hindrance to success but a challenge to overcome. Her success is an inspiration to all that diligence, perseverance, and faith in God are keys to achieving dreams.

Lah Seraspi

Truly, there is nothing impossible for those who work hard and are resourceful in life. Let us not lose hope and believe in our abilities and God’s help. Lah Seraspi is proof that your destiny is in your hands, and success is achievable with the right determination and faith.

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