Duterte’s Revelation: De Lima’s Driver Is Her Lover

Manila – President Rodrigo Duterte publicly revealed that De Lima and her driver is in a fishy relationship. Duterte said that her driver was the one who’s collecting money for her during the campaign. The revelation of the affair of De Lima and her driver astonished the people.

“Her driver herself, who was her lover, was the one also collecting money for her during the campaign,” Duterte said.

Media asked if the authority has already filed a case against the senator. But the Director General of the Philippine National Police, Ronaldo Maradela Rosa said that the PNP does not meddle in this kind of issue.

“Hindi kami nakikialam diyan,” Bato said. He cited that it might be used as a personal issue to strike on the PNP.

Bato denied that the surveillance photo on the senator’s house and the activities of the driver and the senator was from the PNP after the media asked if the basis of the revelation of the President is from PNP

“Ewan ko kung sino, pero sa amin wala, wala ako, wala, wala ako,” Bato said in defense. He added that the PNP has no involvement of providing the details to the President.

“Maraming source ang Presidente- marami siyang source. Hindi lang PNP,” Bato urged. He also said that the PNP is focused on dealing with the problem of the country regarding to illegal drugs.

However, Bato said that they will do their job if ever the president will order them to investigate the issue.

Duterte called De Lima as “Immoral and Adulterer” for having an affair with her driver. “A woman who funded the house of her lover,” Duterte added.

Duterte quoted in his speech, “here is the immoral woman… as so far as the wife of the driver was concerned it’s adultery.”

Duterte was enrage because of what the senator has done to him when he was still the acting mayor of Davao City. “Namumulitika posturing, when you yourself, has a very sordid personal unofficial life.”

De Lima is known to be an obstruction to the plans of the President in cleansing the country, and confronted the President about violating human rights in several times.


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