Sass Sasot Responds to Statements of First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos

Blogger Sass Sasot has responded to the statements made by First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos, who claimed that Sasot and RJ Nieto approached her regarding a cyber libel case.

Sass on First Lady

In an exclusive interview with Anthony Taberna on Friday, April 19, Araneta-Marcos shared that they had the opportunity to meet with the mentioned bloggers because of the said case.

However, Sasot vehemently denied this, stating that it was not because of the case but rather due to the Marcos family’s need for assistance.

In a Facebook post, Sasot detailed their meeting with Araneta-Marcos, which took place on November 20, 2017, where they discussed electoral protests, impeachment cases, and the RevGov issue.

Sasot explained that their meeting was part of the Marcos family’s efforts to present their side to the public regarding the electoral protest against former Vice President Leni Robredo.

She also mentioned that the case filed against them was not about cyber libel but rather a violation of the Data Privacy Act.

Sasot also refuted Araneta-Marcos’s claim that she fired the lawyer provided to her.

In her explanation, Sasot stated that they had been part of defending the Marcos family for six years against the cruelty of the mainstream media.

She also revealed details of their involvement in the cyber libel case and their continued communication with the lawyer provided by Araneta-Marcos.

Sasot didn’t hesitate to provide documents as evidence to support her statements.

Finally, Sasot urged lawyers to examine the events and ensure whether Araneta-Marcos’s case against RJ Nieto has any jurisdiction.

Sasot concluded by teaching Araneta-Marcos that she was misusing the concept of karma and recommended gaining a deeper understanding of its principles, such as those found in Hinduism.

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