SB19’s 1Z Entertainment Opens Auditions for P-Pop Girl Group

Want to be the next big P-pop act? Here’s your chance!

1Z Entertainment, the label founded by the renowned P-pop group SB19, announced on Saturday, June 8, that it is holding auditions for a new girl group. This marks the label’s first major project since its establishment, and it promises an exciting opportunity for aspiring female artists in the Philippines.


Eligibility and Requirements

The audition is open to female Filipinos aged 18 to 21 years old. Candidates should possess talents in singing, rapping, dancing, and/or modeling and must demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow in these areas. The initial screening process requires applicants to submit a filled-out online form along with two one-minute audition videos showcasing their skills in dancing and singing/rapping. Only solo performances will be accepted.

Audition Process

Following the initial submission, candidates who pass the first round will be invited to a face-to-face audition. This phase will include further performance reviews and interviews to assess each aspirant’s potential more comprehensively. The final selection will be made by 1Z Entertainment’s audition team, and those who make the cut will be contacted for contract signing.

Training and Opportunities

Successful applicants will enter a trainee program where they will work closely with experienced artists and mentors. Trainees will participate in various workshops and training sessions, enhancing their artistic skills and industry knowledge. This collaborative environment aims to prepare the trainees for a successful career in the P-pop industry.

“As a trainee, you will have the chance to work closely with experienced artists and mentors, participate in workshops and training sessions, and collaborate on various artistic projects,” the agency noted in their announcement.

Application Timeline

Applications can be submitted online through 1Z Entertainment’s website from June 8 to 29. The exact number of trainees to be accepted and the target debut date for the girl group have not yet been disclosed, keeping the anticipation high among hopefuls and fans alike.

Background of 1Z Entertainment

SB19 announced the establishment of 1Z Entertainment in October 2023, with the group’s leader Pablo taking on the role of chief executive officer. In December 2023, SB19 also revealed that they had secured ownership of their group name and logo. This move was made possible through a fair and amicable agreement with their former agency, ShowBT Philippines Corp.

With SB19’s influence and the meticulous approach of 1Z Entertainment, the upcoming girl group is expected to bring a fresh and dynamic presence to the P-pop scene. This audition represents a significant step in the agency’s efforts to nurture new talent and expand the reach of P-pop globally.

Aspiring artists, this is your chance to shine!

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