Skyway 3 To Open In December For Free – Here Are The Details

Skyway 3 Top Open In December Free For All Motorist

SKYWAY 3 – San Miguel showed confidence that the new Skyway 3 would open in December with the new toll road free for all motorist for a month.

According to San Miguel President Ramon Ang, despite the rains delaying their work on the asphalt, the Skyway 3 would have its soft opening in December. Furthermore, he said that motorists could use the 18-kilometer Skyway 3 which spans from Buendia to NLEX completely free.

According to an article from Auto Industriya, there would be a total of 8 access points on the elevated expressway:

  • Buendia
  • Plaza Dilao
  • Nagtahan
  • Aurora Boulevard
  • Quezon Avenue
  • Sgt. Rivera
  • Balintawak
  • NLEX.

We have all waited long for this project, so this is the best way we can welcome everyone, by making Skyway 3 free for one month

Skyway 3 To Open In December For Free - Here Are The Details
Image from: AutoIndustriya

With the help of the new Skyway 3, commutes would become shorter with traffic easing, causing increased productivity, ang Said. Along with this, San Miguel stated that they aim to deliver the northbound section of the Skyway extension to connect SLEX directly to Skyway from Susanna Heights, Muntinlupa also by December.

As such, traveling from Susanna Heights via the Skyway system which includes Skyway 3, all throughout Balintawak toll plaza of NLEX, would only take around 20 minutes.

Aside from this, travel time starting from Magallanes to Balintawak would just take 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Balintawak to NAIA would take you 15 minutes, and Valezuela to Makati would only need 10 minutes of travel.

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