Teddy Baguilat Apologizes to Sandro Marcos Over Fake News

Teddy Baguilat Apologizes Over Fake News He Shared Against Sandro Marcos

Former senatorial candidate Teddy Baguilat issues public apology after sharing fake news against presidential son Sandro Marcos.

Recently, Baguilat offered his thoughts on the reported statement made by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in a tweet. Recall that Baguilat posted a quote card on social media on November 26 regarding the purported position of the young legislator on the rising price of onions.

In the said art card, Sandro allegedly said, “Why big fuss about the prices of red onions? Common sense dictates that you use white onions when red onions are expensive and alternatively, you should use white onions when white onions are expensive. Simple problems need simple solutions.”

Along with the art card was a picture of Sandro and the Sonshine Media Network International logo (SMNI). The latter, however, swiftly denied making such a comment on the price of onions. Disinformation pa more, he observed.”

Teddy Baguilat Sandro Marcos

The quote card was disputed by SMNI, on the other hand. The broadcast media claimed to have tracked down those responsible for disseminating the false information. Baguilat has already apologized for spreading false information about Sandro Marcos.

“Sorry I have to be more cautious sa fake news. I think the quote attributed to Cong Sandro that I commented is not true. I apologize. My Bad. For us who fight misinformation should take the lead in verifying info we shared. I haven’t. Sorry po,” he said in his tweet.

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