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UP to Renamed as Bagong Pilipinas University – Baste Duterte Fan Account

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Baste Duterte Fan Account Wants UP to Be Renamed as Bagong Pilipinas University

The fan account of Baste Duterte appeals to rename the University of the Philippines into Bagong Pilipinas University.

A post from the fan account made for Sebastian “Baste” Zimmerman Duterte, the vice mayor of Davao City and son of outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte, becomes controversial recently. The said account posted about the closure of the University of the Philippines (UP).

Bagong Pilipinas University

According to the post, the said university should be renamed as the Bagong Pilipinas University (BPU). “Bagong Pilipinas” was brought from the viral campaign chant of Filipino rapper Andrew E the “Bagong Pilipinas Bagong Mukha.”

The post wanted to make a petition to shut down the UP. It also appealed to make the Bagong Pilipinas University implement the mandatory
The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

“Can someone help create a page where we sign a petition to shut down the University of the Philippines?” said the post.
“Then convert them to BPU or Bagong Pilipinas University where CAT/ROTC is mandatory,” the post added.

As a result, other netizens criticized the post. Recently, Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) Founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has been criticized for his favor to close the University of the Philippines (UP).

Quiboloy proposed the two alternatives he sees here in a statement to SMNI news. The pastor advocated for the university’s permanent closure. He also said that the government’s funding will be removed, making it a secular institution where students would pay their own tuition.

If the pupils and personnel of the stated school do any “blasphemy” against the Philippine constitution, according to the pastor, they should only be held liable by law because the government purportedly funds them. He believes this is the best answer since, despite being sponsored by the government, it appears to function as an independent nation.

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