Vendor in Eastern Samar Wins Mayoral Post Against a Rival Doctor

Vendor Win in Mayoral Election in Eastern Samar Against a Doctor

A vendor in Eastern Samar wins the mayoral election against his rival who is a doctor and brother of the current mayor.

In the recent election for mayor of Dolores, Eastern Samar, a hawker defeated a competing doctor. Rodrigo Rivera, a 62-year-old salesman, received 11,508 votes to defeat doctor Zaldy Carpeso, who received 10,946 votes.

Eastern Samar Vendor Mayoral

Carpeso is the brother of the present mayor, whose term is about to expire, and he even won the vice mayoral election this year. In the election, Rivera is his only opponent.

Rivera, who had barely completed his second year of high school, campaigned as an independent candidate. The new mayor expressed his gratitude to God for answering his prayers, saying that his win is for the people.

He also stated that he will provide the people with the services they require. He also stated in an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that he will make government services available to everyone.

“I asked for help and thanked God. I thanked Him for granting my prayers. This victory is for the people, to provide the services that the people need, a service from the government available to everyone,”  Rivera said in Waray, in an interview with PNA.

Rivera was captain of Barangay Gap-ang for nine years before running for mayor. Rivera’s goals in Dolores after his victory include congested canals, dark roads, a shortage of classrooms, a lack of health facilities, and a lack of clean water supplies.

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