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Vendors Banned in Virgin Island Following Viral Overpriced Lunch

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Vendors Banned Going Back to Virgin Island Following Overpriced Issue

Panglao, Bohol local government decided vendors be permanently banned from the Virgin island following the overpriced lunch.

It has been decided that merchants on Virgin Island in Panglao, Bohol, are never again allowed to return, according to Panglao Mayor Edgardo “Boy” Arcay. This came up after a popular social media post about charging a group of visitors P26,000 for their food on the mentioned island.

Virgin Island Vendors Banned
Image Source: Bohol Chronicles

He stated in his choice that he wants to restore the reputation of their place to tourists in light of what transpired. He claimed that knowing Panglao was preferable due to the honesty of the locals as well as the natural beauty of the region.

“Tourists come here, not only because of our beautiful beaches, but also because of honest people. If food prices are overpriced, no one will visit Panglao again,” said Arcay in an interview with him by the Inquirer.

He claimed that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) decided to prohibit sales on the mentioned island in a different interview. This is because, despite being a protected region, selling in the Virgin Islands should really be prohibited.

The mayor made it clear that visitors could still travel to Virgin Island to take in its natural splendor. The mayor is currently considering how to assist people who have been impacted by the island’s closure to merchants.

A seller claims that Vilma Uy’s post on the internet about the P26,000 bill she received for her friend when she was on vacation in Panglao had an impact on up to 60 families. The vendor assured the aforementioned group that there was no overpricing rather than offering an apology. While this was happening, several visitors applauded the decision to ban merchants from Panglao.

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