What Amount of Energy Drink Can Overdose You?

Amount Of Energy Drink That Can Cause Overdose

Energy drink is very popular to refresh and refuel energy in their body, but a big amount of caffeine can cause harmful effects in the body.

This drink is made up of sugar, taurine, unicorn tears, and especially caffeine that promises the individual to provide sufficient amount of energy in the body. Labels in the bottle have certain promises such as improving the physical and mental ability of a person upon daily consumption.

A can of energy drink contains 250 mg of caffeine that people thought restoring their energy.  It has also B vitamins that give more energy, ginseng, which boost energy and mental ability, and guarana, a stimulant.

Energy Drink

It is also packed with a large amount of sugar ranging 20 to 30 grams per serving, which is considered dangerous for the health and may lead to serious diseases such as heart diseases, metabolic disorders, and diabetes.

Caffeine is the most dangerous ingredients of energy drink that keep the nerves and mind of a person on alert. Too much caffeine can be dangerous to the body, consuming more than 300mg of caffeine or 3 cups of coffee may cause heart palpitations, nervousness, and jitteriness. 10 grams of caffeine could take the person into the fatal levels of caffeine intoxication.

“Your blood pressure, your heart rate, your temperature all go up really, really high,” says Dr. Adam Splaver, clinical cardiologist and co-founder of NanoHealthAssociates quoted by assortedtrends. Dr. Splaver also explained can experience cardiogenic arrest which may lead a person to death.

Energy Drink

Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine per serving, so in short consuming 125 cans of energy drink can overdose a person from caffeine alone. But moderate drinking of energy drink is not bad for the health. Negative effects of caffeine occurs upon consuming around 300 to 500mg.

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