Olympic Athletes Caught CHEATING At The Games – Its Terrible

In every professional sport, there is an aspect of cheating. Players will definitely be disqualified if caught doing fishy things in order to win. Here are the top ten Olympic athletes caught cheating at the game.

  1. Dora Ratjen – At the 1936 berlin games German high jumper Dora Ratjen placed 4th in the ladies high jump and win the gold medal in the European athletics championships, breaking the world high jump record.

But it is discovered that Dora is man and was arrested for fraud and banned to participate in women’s sport and he was advised to return his medals.

  1. The East German Luge athlete, Ortrun Enderline that won first place and gold medal and her two teammates placed second and fourth.

The rails of their sleds were heated with chemicals just before the races that resulted their fast speed reducing friction with the ice. The three luggers were disqualified.

  1. Boris Onischenko – Russian Pentathlete, opponent complained that one of his points was won without contact being made.

His fencing sword was examine and was discovered to be customized and modified for him to be able to complete the circuit without touching.

  1. Madeline De Jesus – A Puerto Rican track and field athlete. He landed poorly during the long jump and acquired a hamstring injury.

Fearing the she won’t be able to compete in her next event, she swap with her twin sister standing as one of the spectator at the crown and also an athlete.

  1. Ben Jonson – A Canadian sprinter who won gold in the men’s 100 meter dash and broke the world record in the process.

He was found out the he was using steroids and admitted that he was using since 1981. He returned his medal and loss his world record.

  1. Michele Smith – an Irish swimmer who was banned because of tampering her urine samples. But she was allowed to keep her medals.


  1. Marion Jones – A track and field athlete alleged to be using steroids. She first deny but admitted at the end. She was imprisoned for six months for providing a false statement.


  1. Players of badminton from south Korea and China were disqualified for match fixing. They purposefully lost their some of their double matches in order to play against the weaker opponents.


  1. Cameron Van Der Burg – a swimmer participated in the men’s 100 meter breaststroke Final but later admitted that he took extra dolphin kicks to give himself and advantage.


  1. Russian athletes was accused cheating in 2015 winter Olympics. Some of them are banned because of doping and are not allowed to play until Rio Olympics 2016.




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