Sunday, February 5, 2023

Report: Donald Trump Backs Los Angeles Bid to Host 2024 Olympics

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A mayor says Donald Trump supports Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid.

A report says that US President-elect Donald Trump backs the bid of the city of Los Angeles in the state of California to host the Olympic games in 2024.

This was revealed by the spokesperson of the Los Angeles’ mayor after the two officials spoke this week, NBC reported on Thursday.

According to NBC, spokeswoman Connie Llanos said in an interview that Trump and Mayor Eric Garcetti, spoke by phone on Wednesday and “had a productive conversation about ways to expand infrastructure investments and opportunities in communities across America.”

Olympic logo
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In a statement, Llanos said Trump’s conversation with the mayor was short, and that Garcetti also “stressed the important role that immigrants and immigration reform will play in LA’s—and the nation’s—long-term success.”

Garcetti is a Democrat candidate, while Trump is a Republican.

Based on the record, Los Angeles California city is seeking to host the summer Games for a third time.

In the year 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the biggest sporting event in the world, after it was hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August this year.

Last week, the bid leaders of Los Angeles called on officials at an Olympic meeting not to doubt the United States or its commitment to its founding principles and strength.

Earlier, Mayor Garcetti, who supported Clinton, said Trump’s win after an upset against the Democrat presidential candidate could be detrimental given the international makeup of the 98 voting members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

To recall, the campaign days of the White House race was filled with harsh rhetoric toward immigrants, Hispanics, Muslims and women.

In September 2017, the IOC is set to make its selection.

Los Angeles, the nation’s second-most populous city with nearly 4 million people, hosted the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984.


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