LOOK: Coleen Garcia Surprises Billy Crawford On 1st Wedding Anniversary

Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford Gets Surprise From Coleen Garcia on 1st Wedding Anniversary COLEEN GARCIA – Actress Coleen Garcia surprised her husband, singer-television host Billy Crawford, on their first wedding anniversary. Among the married celebrity couples in the Philippine entertainment industry are Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. In April 2018, the two celebrities officially tied the knot … Read more

LOOK: Coleen Garcia Sizzles In Hawaii With This Stunning Bikini Photo

Coleen Garcia sizzled in Hawaii as she shared her stunning bikini photo Kapamilya star Coleen Garcia stunned her Instagram followers with her mesmerizing bikini photo while sunbathing in Hawaii. She definitely had a great vacation there with her husband ‘It’s Showtime’ host Billy Crawford. The couple seemed to have an extended honeymoon in the beautiful … Read more

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