Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Coleen Garcia Writes Her Own Wedding Vow For Billy Crawford

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Coleen Garcia is spotted writing her wedding vows for Billy Crawford just moments before their wedding in Balesin Island Club.

BiCol wedding is one of the most talked about topic in the entertainment industry now as Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are set to be living as married couple.

It can be recalled in a previous article that Coleen has showcased her glowing aura during their wedding dinner party.

With her barely-there make up, her face that looks so in love and happy surfaced without any exert of effort.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia
(file photo)

As they exchange vows on April 20, their fans have been waiting for any updates on social media.

Some of their friends are gracious enough to share glimpses and bits of information about the BiCol wedding.

One of the updates being shared was the moment when Coleen was writing her own vows for the man of her life.

Based on the article published in GMA Entertainment, as the couple are preparing for their big day in Balesin Island Club, Coleen was spotted comfortably lying belly down while scribbling.

Her friends, filmmaker and content creator Janina Manipol and Lizzie Lecaroz shared on their Instagram story about it, based on the article.

Here are the photos which showed that future Mrs. Crawford is writing heartfelt words for the love of her life.

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)
(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)


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