Ciara Sotto Seeks Justice For Her Fan Who Was Murdered

Ciara Sotto is seeking justice for her murdered fan Singer-actress Ciara Sotto is seeking justice for her fan Amelia Firmeza from Davao City who was murdered. Ciara is the daughter of Senate President Tito Sotto and veteran actress Helen Gamboa. Among her siblings, she is the one who is most active in show business. From her … Read more

Ciara Sotto Believes That Valeen Montenegro Is The Third Party Between Her & Ex-Husband?

Ciara Sotto’s statement in an interview implicated that she believes Valeen Montenegro is the third party between her and ex-husband Jojo Oconer. The statement of Ciara Sotto regarding the allegations that Valeen Montenegro is the third party between her and ex-husband Jojo Oconer has a very strong implication. It can be recalled that the daughter … Read more

Celebrity Couples Whose Relationships Got Affected By Third Party

Here are some celebrity couples in the Philippine showbiz industry whose relationships went through conflict involving a third party. There are celebrity couples whose relationships had been through a lot of obstacles. Some problems that occur between them are due to internal factors while some relationships went through conflicts involving other people. Here are some … Read more

Here’s The Real Reason Behind Ciara Sotto’s Viral Pregnancy Photo

Ciara Sotto sparked online confusion after she shared a photo of herself, “pregnant”, on image-sharing site, Instagram just recently. But according to an article published by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, the photo that the 35-year-old actress shared is just her looks as pregnant woman as she portray the role of Daphne, the pregnant wife of … Read more