Ciara Sotto Believes That Valeen Montenegro Is The Third Party Between Her & Ex-Husband?

Ciara Sotto’s statement in an interview implicated that she believes Valeen Montenegro is the third party between her and ex-husband Jojo Oconer.

The statement of Ciara Sotto regarding the allegations that Valeen Montenegro is the third party between her and ex-husband Jojo Oconer has a very strong implication.

It can be recalled that the daughter of Senator Tito Sotto and veteran actress Helen Gamboa got separated with her husband due a third party.

Ciara went back to her parents with her son Crixus after the split up.

Ciara Sotto
(Photo source: @pinaypole IG)

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Based on the article published in Abante, the third party was identified as ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ star Valeen Montenegro.

Since the issue was revived, Ciara Sotto was asked about her separation with her former husband.

It was said that Valeen denied her involvement with the break up. According to the report, the Kapuso actress said that her name was just involved to the issue because of the fact that there are good and bad publicity in show business.

Valeen Montenegro
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With regards to this statement of Valeen, Ciara said “If that’s her version of the truth, I cannot comment on that.” After that, the actress/professional pole dancer released a meaningful statement.

“Ako kasi, takot akong magsinungaling,” Ciara Sotto stated.

Meanwhile, she admitted that she is the one who filed for annulment. This is for the reason that she sees its necessity especially that their son is still young right now.

On the other hand, Ciara shared that she and Jojo Oconer are now civil to each other despite of what happened to their relationship.

She also admitted that she is happy now. This draw to the conclusion that she was not happy in her marriage with Jojo.

However, she clarified that she is not trying to draw that conclusion but it just so happened that their relationship went through a problem.

On her part, she can’t just tolerate the cheating, based on the article.

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