Best, Worst Technology In 2016, According To DICT

Worst Technology

DICT Reveals Best, Worst Technology In 2016 Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) revealed the best and the worst technology of 2016, which become a trending topic worldwide. The year 2016, becomes the year of technology where a lot of high-technology gadgets and devices exist. Aside from mobile devices, social media, games, internet connections, jobs, … Read more

Atty. Rodolfo Salalima Appointed as DICT Secretary Under Duterte Admin

The camp of the incoming President Rody Duterte confirmed the appointment of Atty. Rodolfo Salalima as Secretary of the first-ever Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) under the Duterte administration. Atty. Salalima previously worked with Globe Telecom as its Chief Legal Counsel. The formation of the newest department that separated from the former Department … Read more