Best, Worst Technology In 2016, According To DICT

DICT Reveals Best, Worst Technology In 2016

Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) revealed the best and the worst technology of 2016, which become a trending topic worldwide.

The year 2016, becomes the year of technology where a lot of high-technology gadgets and devices exist. Aside from mobile devices, social media, games, internet connections, jobs, and apps also excels this year.

Technology innovation is truly unstoppable due to the increasing type of living. In this modern and high technology generation, most people relies on technology but can we assure that we can truly rely on it?

Worst Technology

Fake News

Fake news becomes one of the most controversial issues worldwide that provides misleading information to the people. This was created by some social media users to swing votes for election, gain higher traffic, and other personal interests.

World’s largest social media sites also become a victim of fake news posted by its users. Most of these sites collaborate to abolish fake news and information.

Worst Technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Consecutive Explosions

The consecutive explosions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disappoint the company’s clients. The device explodes due to very limited space provided for its battery. Samsung has to make a specific explanation regarding the incidents.

Worst Technology

Comelec Hack

The leak of the entire database of the Commission on Election (Comelec) last March 2016, leaving over 55 million Filipino voters susceptible to frauds.

Worst Technology

Pokemon Go

The classic 90’s video game becomes one of the most popular games worldwide in 2016. Pokemon Go is the revival of the old Pokémon game into a location-based reality game last July 2016. The game requires users to roam around in the city, train stations, establishments, park, or anywhere they can hunt Pokemon creatures.

Worst Technology

iPhone Without Headphone Jack

Apple company launch a bigger screen, upgraded chipsets, cameras, bigger storage, and new features on their new iPhones. But the most unusual about this phone is, it doesn’t have a headphone jack instead it uses a lightning connector.

Worst Technology

Faster Internet Connection

PLDT and Globe Telecom bought San Miguel’s Telecom business to improve broadband access and enhance internet speeds. The two companies were able to widen the LTE and 4G data services and Philippines will soon enjoy faster internet connection.

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