SOCIAL MEDIA POST: Rappler Gives Its Side On The Alleged ‘Disinformation Campaign’

social media post

A social media post entails the side of the Rappler on the alleged widespread ‘disinformation campaign’ that bears its name. SOCIAL MEDIA POST – Rappler has recently posted clarifying its side on the alleged ongoing ‘disinformation campaign’ on other Facebook pages dragging one of its story on the center. Rappler has recently posted on its Facebook … Read more

VIRAL POST: One Netizen Slams Sen. De Lima For Her Answers In An International Interview

Viral post

Netizen slams Sen. Leila De Lima in a viral post for her answers in an interview in CNN. VIRAL POST – One netizen, Joel Inocencio, intensely reacted on the answers of Sen. Leila De Lima in an international interview. A recent news report about the CNN International interview of Sen. Leila De Lima was posted … Read more

De Lima Staff: Instant Millionaire In 2014?

De Lima staff

De Lima Staff puzzles Department of Justice With 24 M Alleged Bank Deposits DE LIMA STAFF – Two staff members of Sen. Leila De Lima have gone through interrogations by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). One of which caused the Department of Justice to be puzzled. In every issue, getting a thorough investigation of every angle … Read more

Duterte Answers Recent Issues In Press Con, Left International Media Speechless

Duterte Answers

The international media was left speechless after President Duterte answers all the issues thrown to him. DUTERTE ANSWERS ISSUES – After several ear-catching issues going around involving his name, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte finally gave answers to the quests in a press conference held in Davao City. His stand left the international media speechless. Two of … Read more