Pacqauio Team Up with Salt Papi vs KSI, Mayweather in a Tag-Team Match

Pacquiao Salt Papi vs KSI Mayweather

Pacquiao and Salt Papi to Face KSI and Mayweather in a Tag-Team Match Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao to team up with vlogger Salt Papi against vlogger KSI and Floyd Mayweather in a tag-team match. Fans erupted when the Mayweather and KSI vs Pacquiao and Salt Papi WWE-styled boxing match was announced. Misfits Boxing, KSI’s boxing … Read more

Mayweather Is In Manila, Will This Spark A Rematch With Pacquiao?

American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in Manila, will this spark talks about rematch with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao? Floyd Mayweather Jr. is visiting Manila on May 7 as it was revealed on Instagram through Manny Pacquiao’s videographer Wendell Cunanan. Cunanan, a Filipino Los Angeles based videographer, was with the American boxing superstar in Thailand … Read more