Pacqauio Team Up with Salt Papi vs KSI, Mayweather in a Tag-Team Match

Pacquiao and Salt Papi to Face KSI and Mayweather in a Tag-Team Match

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao to team up with vlogger Salt Papi against vlogger KSI and Floyd Mayweather in a tag-team match.

Fans erupted when the Mayweather and KSI vs Pacquiao and Salt Papi WWE-styled boxing match was announced. Misfits Boxing, KSI’s boxing promoter, recently planned an utterly odd boxing event in which the boxers will compete in pairs rather than singles.

Pacquiao’s right-hand man, MP Promotions’ Sean Gibbons, teased the tag-team bout on Instagram, in which Pacquiao will team up with social media icon Salt Papi against Mayweather and KSI, another big-shot social media celebrity. Further information on the event will be announced later by Gibbons.

Pacquiao Salt KSI Mayweather

Meanwhile, Salt Papi, a British TikTok star of Filipino ancestry, has already promoted the event on Twitter. He is 3-0 in boxing exhibitions and has piqued the interest of fans with two dramatic knockouts.

Tag-team boxing has just emerged on the market, with KSI personally organizing the first such event on March 5 under his Misfits Boxing company. Negotiations for KSI and Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao and Salt Papi are now underway, according to Happy Punch Promotions.

In December of last year, he performed his first boxing exhibition, dominating Korean YouTuber DK Yoo over six rounds. Mayweather has also battled Logan Paul of YouTube and KSI’s younger brother, Deji.

His most recent exhibition battle was in February, when he faced Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers. Pacquiao is eager to return to the ring and is in talks to meet Conor McGregor.

KSI will return to the ring on May 13 in London against rich businessman-turned-boxer Joe Fournier, who is 9-0. However, Salt Papi has stated his desire to battle the YouTuber himself.

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