Third Party? Darryl Yap is Allegedly the Reason for Jerome, Sachzna Break-up

Darryl Yap Accused of Being Third Party in Jerome, Sachzna Relationship Controversial director Darryl Yap is now being dragged into the break-up of actor Jerome Ponce and “Miss Flawless” Sachzna Laparan. The breakup of Jerome and Sachzna has become the talk of internet users. This came after the “Marites” noticed that the two had unfollowed … Read more

LOOK: Celebrities Who Were Rejected From Reality Shows Auditions

These celebrities experienced rejection from reality shows auditions The journey to stardom is not that easy for some celebrities because they went through auditions. Some spent hours of waiting and suffered various difficulties just to pursue their dreams to be in show business. There were those who even experienced rejection from the reality shows in … Read more