Third Party? Darryl Yap is Allegedly the Reason for Jerome, Sachzna Break-up

Darryl Yap Accused of Being Third Party in Jerome, Sachzna Relationship

Controversial director Darryl Yap is now being dragged into the break-up of actor Jerome Ponce and “Miss Flawless” Sachzna Laparan.

The breakup of Jerome and Sachzna has become the talk of internet users. This came after the “Marites” noticed that the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Jerome and Sachzna were among the couples who had a rough start when they initially met. The celebrity vlogger detailed their love tale in a 2021 vlog.

Darryl Yap Jerome Sachzna

However, the vlogger recently released her “docuweek,” which depicted her emotional state. Ogie Diaz, a talent manager, and vlogger, said that Sachzna revealed that Jerome begged for space and was finally seen hanging out with another woman.

Meanwhile, a netizen accused Darryl Yap of being the reason for the breakup. According to the netizen, witnesses witnessed the director and the actor spending time together at Olangapo, based on the article of Abante News Online.

Darryl and Jerome were also accused of staying up late at a coffee shop and “Shangri-la.” “Na shock ako True ba? C direk ba ang dahilan… Sachzna Laparan Be Strong,” the netizen wrote.

Following the claim, Direk Darryl immediately expressed his reactions on his Facebook page. He shared Almacen’s article with this caption: “Napakaganda mo naman Darryl Yap. Susunod na balita, Buntis na ko.”

In the comment section, comedian Juliana Pariscova wrote this funny reaction: “Ikaw na ang bagong Our Lady of 3rd party.” Many netizens also shared their funny comments. According to one source, the next headline could be the notion that Direk Darryl and Sachzna are dating.

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