Jordan Clarkson Airs Dismay to Fans After Booing Chot Reyes

Jordan Clarkson Dismayed by Filipino Fans for Booing Chot Reyes Filipino-American basketball player Jordan Clarkson airs disappointment to Filipino fans after booing Gilas Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes. The Utah Jazz player Clarkson was not happy with the fans’ booing of Gilas Pilipinas Coach on August 29. Clarkson is playing for Gilas Pilipinas to represent the … Read more

Chot Reyes Blamed Being Kakampink Over Loss of Gilas in SEA Games

Chot Reyes Criticized for Being Kakampink After Loss of Gilas Pilipinas in SEA Games Gilas Pilipinas head coach Chot Reyes was criticized for being a “Kakampink” following the basketball team’s loss in the Southeast Asian Games (SEA GAMES). Following Gilas Pilipinas’ elimination as the “king of men’s basketball” in the Southeast Asian Games, Reyes was … Read more

Pokwang Accidentally Meets Andrew E Amid Vacation in Boracay

Pokwang Meets BBM’s Rapper Andrew E During Their Vacation in Boracay POKWANG – The comedienne and a certified Kakampink accidentally BBM’s rapper Andrew E during their vacation in Boracay. The post of comedian Marietta Subong, popularly known as ‘Pokwang,’ in which she can be seen with Filipino hip-hop icon Andrew E surprised the internet. It … Read more

Pokwang Lectures Bashers Calling VP Leni Robredo “Lutang, Lugaw”

Pokwang Lashes Bashers Criticizing VP Leni Robredo Calling Her “Lutang” POKWANG – The comedienne and certified Kakampink lectures bashers who are calling VP Leni Robredo “lutang, lugaw, and bob*”. Pokwang alluded to those who criticize her presidential candidacy. The comedian shared Robredo’s video message on Instagram, urging his supporters not to resign. In her caption, … Read more

Andrea Brillantes Tries to Convert Ricci Rivero from BBM to Kakampink

Andrea Brillantes Tries to Convert Boyfriend Ricci Rivero from Being a BBM Supporter Kapamilya young actress and certified “Kakampink” or supporter of Leni Robredo Andrea Brillantes tries to convert boyfriend Ricci Rivero. When the teenage actress stated that she was asking her boyfriend, UP Fighting Maroons basketball star Ricci Rivero, to convert to Kakampink, she … Read more