Pokwang Lectures Bashers Calling VP Leni Robredo “Lutang, Lugaw”

Pokwang Lashes Bashers Criticizing VP Leni Robredo Calling Her “Lutang”

POKWANG – The comedienne and certified Kakampink lectures bashers who are calling VP Leni Robredo “lutang, lugaw, and bob*”.

Pokwang alluded to those who criticize her presidential candidacy. The comedian shared Robredo’s video message on Instagram, urging his supporters not to resign.

Pokwang Leni Lutang

In her caption, she lectures the critics to first listen to Robredo’s plan and platforms, which are purportedly developed and planned for them and their families. If people vote for her, she believes it is obvious that he or she will win.

“Bago mo isigaw ang lugaw! Boba! Lutang! Teka pakinggan mo muna ang plano at plataporma nya na ginawa at nakahanda para sayo at sa pamilya mo, makinig ka muna dahil napaka linaw na ikaw ang panalo kapag sya ang iyong binoto,” Pokwang wrote.

Recently, a rumored “issue” between her and Ai-Ai Delas Alas appeared to have started when singer Audie Gemora made a comparison between them. He uploaded a post that included a quote from a Pokwang statement. Pokie is undoubtedly funnier and more intelligent than Ai-Ai, he said in his caption.

Despite the uproar over conflicting political ideas, Pokwang stated that she and Ai-Ai get along swimmingly. They were allowed to meet at the studio of All-Out Sunday, according to the former Kapamilya star.

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