7 Korean Foods that We Always See and We’ve All Wanted to Try


List of 7 Korean Foods We’ve Seen in Korean Dramas that We all Wanted to Try 7 Korean Foods that we actually always saw when we are watching Korean dramas, but somehow are you wondering how they taste? Why those Kdrama actors are seen always eating these? When you sit with an empty stomach, watching … Read more

Netizen Responds to KOW’s Post over “Not Giving Proper Credits”

not giving proper credits

A netizen recently responded on Kapamilya Online World (KOW)’s post regarding Sulli (Choi Jinri)’s death last Monday. He said that KOW removed his watermark over his photo and not giving proper credits to it. Ecko Kim, a fan of Korean artists, made a fan-photo as a way of sharing his sympathy towards Sulli. He began … Read more

Last Real-Life Mermaids In Korea: Photographer Mijoo Kim Pays Tribute

Last Real-Life

A Korean photo enthusiast took photos of the last real-life mermaids in Korea as a tribute. LAST REAL-LIFE – A Korean photographer, Mijoo Kim, pays tribute to the last generation of real-life mermaids in Korea. Ariel of Little Mermaid has been prominent most especially to little kids. That shows how fascinated the people are when … Read more

SNL Korean Series Was Penalized Due To Same S3x Kissing Scene

SNL Korean Series Was Penalized Due To The Violation Of Same-S3x Kissing Scene It was reported that the Korea Communications Standard Commissions (KCSC) will penalize the SNL Korean series program due to the violation of the same-s3x kiss of Zico and Park Kyung of Block B. Block B is a guest on the program for … Read more