Underappreciated Foods that Worth more Hype

Underappreciated Foods

List of Most Underappreciated Foods that Deserves more Hype Underappreciated foods that usually we are not aware of but these items deserve more attention because of their taste that will surely blow your mind. Everyone appears to be obsessed with super simple things like cupcakes, sushi, and anything avocado-related. Unfortunately, some genuinely delicious dishes have … Read more

Tried & Tested Grilling Tips From Professional Chefs

grilling tips

These are the grilling tips from professional chefs Professional chefs shared their tried and tested grilling tips in order for you to achieve a delicious grilled meal. Here are the grilling tips, based of Reader’s Digest’s article: Preheat the grillYou should do this because with the proper temperature, it will take lesser time to cook … Read more

FILIPINO STYLE LASAGNA: Recipe Of Lasagna With A Twist

Here is the recipe of Filipino Style Lasagna This Filipino Style Lasagna is done with a twist from the usual lasagna which originated from Italy and a blogger/avid baker Sanna shared her recipe. According to Sanna, it is one of the recipes which she first tried during the time she started her way to their … Read more

SHRIMP: Tips On How To Cook This Seafood Perfectly


How to cook shrimp perfectly? Know how to cook shrimp perfectly, one of the most popular and most-loved kinds of seafood and here are the tips. Shrimps are known to be high in protein while they have low calories. Aside from this, you can cook them in a flash. Here are the tips you must … Read more