Marcos’ Body ‘never a factor’ In Ilocos Norte Tourism Plan, says Architect Palafox


Architect Palafox considers Marcos’ body not a factor in developing Ilocos Norte’s tourism plan. MARCOS – Architect Feliciano Palafox Jr. said that the body of the late dictator is ‘never a factor’ in the development of the tourism plan for Ilocos Norte. The body of the late dictator has reportedly been preserved for several years … Read more

Marcos Interment At LNMB: Against ‘Anti-Dictatorship’Constitution

A petition was filed at SC entails that Marcos Interment is against the ‘Anti-Dictatorship’ Constitution. MARCOS INTERMENT – A 74-page petition filed before the Supreme Court of the Philippines pushes that the interment of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is against the ‘Anti-Dictatorship’ Constitution. The Marcos Issue is as strong as the two sides … Read more