Kiko Pangilinan Issues Statement, Resigns As Liberal Party President

Kiko Pangilinan

Kiko Pangilinan Resigns as President of Liberal Party (Official Statement) KIKO PANGILINAN – Senator Francis Pangilinan issued an official statement as he resigns from being the president of the Liberal Party (LP). In the Election 2019 senatorial race, among the candidates are the eight(8) members of the opposition slate – Otso Diretso. They are the … Read more

Agot Isidro Expresses Dismay On Election 2019 Result

agot isidro

Here is the thought of Agot Isidro regarding the recently-concluded Election 2019 Singer-actress Agot Isidro expressed her dismay on the Election 2019 result through her recent social media post. Agot is one of the celebrities who is frequently sharing their thoughts regarding social issues. She is also known as one of the celebrity critics of … Read more