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Agot Isidro Expresses Dismay On Election 2019 Result

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Here is the thought of Agot Isidro regarding the recently-concluded Election 2019

Singer-actress Agot Isidro expressed her dismay on the Election 2019 result through her recent social media post.

Agot is one of the celebrities who is frequently sharing their thoughts regarding social issues. She is also known as one of the celebrity critics of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The singer-actress is also vocally supporting the opposition, particularly the group Otso Diretso during the election.

agot isidro
Photo source: @agotisidro IG

One of the politicians in the opposition group of senatorial candidates is her boyfriend Pilo Hilbay.

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It can be recalled that their relationship went public during a campaign sortie abroad.

After the election day, the result appeared to be not in favor of the opposition. Based on the recent partial and unofficial senatorial race result, the opposition’s bet did not enter the magic 12.


That includes the boyfriend of Agot Isidro, Pilo Hilbay.

In line with this, based on the article published on the site of Abante, the singer-express her dismay.

She used, once again, her social media account to air her grievances.

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According to the article of columnist Rey Pumaloy, Agot appeared to one of those people who can’t move on with the result of Election 2019.

She tweeted her dismay on the result of the midterm poll. “Klaro kung sino ang nanalo dito. China!” she said.

Though she thanked all the people who supported his boyfriend, Agot is still puzzled why Pilo Hilbay is not included in the magic 12.

Based on the article, this thought came from the knowledge of the singer-actress that many of her friends and people in salons voted for her boyfriend.

What can you say about this?

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