Road Rage Incident Caught on Video: Motorist Attempts Knife Attack on a Group of Bikers

road rage incident between motorist and a group of bikers

Bacolod City – A shocking road rage incident has been brought to public attention through a video uploaded by a concerned biker. The video captures a terrifying encounter in which a motorist attempted to stab a group of cyclists, raising alarm and prompting an appeal for assistance from netizens to identify the aggressor and file … Read more

Viral Video of a Road Rage Incident Involving Allegedly Drunk Men

Latest Road Rage Video

Recently, another road rage incident has made headlines after a video depicting a bizarre incident on the road went viral. In the past few weeks, news reports have been buzzing about a road rage incident involving a car driver and a biker. This incident resulted in the alleged former police officer’s driver’s license being canceled. … Read more

JV Ejercito Exposes Sanvicente’s Stabbing an Old Man During Road Rage

JV Ejercito Reveals Previous Stabbing of Sanvicente Against an Old Man Incoming senator JV Ejercito exposed the previous stabbing of the hit and run suspect Jose Antonio Sanvicente against an old man during road rage. On Twitter, the new senator unveiled hit-and-run suspect Jose Antonio Sanvicente’s claimed other secret stench. Sanvicente is facing various counts … Read more

Angry Pinoy Attacks Driver And Passenger During Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

Angry Pinoy Attacks Driver And Passenger During Road Rage Incident

Angry Pinoy attacks driver and passenger during road rage incident caught on video. Viral video shows an aggressive Pinoy cursing, shouting and physically attacking a driver and a passenger of an owner-type jeep during road rage incident. For the past few days, we’ve seen news about road rage incidents which led not only to verbal confrontations … Read more