Elderly Motorist Smashed By a Baseball Bat Over Traffic Fight in Las Piñas

Arrogant Motorist Smashed Elderly Man with Baseball Bat Due to Traffic Fight

Video footage captured an arrogant motorist who smashed an elderly man with a baseball bat due to traffic fight in Las Piñas.

In an incident happened on Marcos Alvarez Avenue in Talon V, a senior citizen was hit with a baseball bat by a motorist during a traffic fight in Las Piñas City. In the video, a man holding a baseball bat can be seen shouting at a senior citizen.

Elderly Motorist Baseball Bat

When the senior citizen was about to remove the license plate of the man’s vehicle, the motorist hit him three times and hit his head and shoulder. The senior citizen sprawled on the road but also stood.

The people around also attacked the two. The senior citizen hit the motorist’s vehicle with his helmet. He was headed to the jeepney garage to work as a jeepney driver, according to the older person who introduced himself as Tatay Julian.

He apparently blew his horn, but the driver became enraged. Tatay Julian went down to speak with the driver, but the conversation ended in a brawl.

The two sides met at the Traffic Bureau of Las Piñas and decided to negotiate. According to the report, the suspect and the victim embrace each other.

The suspect’s camp said that they urged the victim several times to just discuss their dispute properly due to the traffic but their temper allegedly prevailed so the incident happened. The victim denied that he had been drinking when the altercation took place.

It can be seen that the victim sustained injuries to various parts of the body due to the beating of the suspect. Fortunately, his head was not bruised because the victim was wearing a soot helmet when he was beaten by the suspect.

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