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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Taylor Swift on AMA: ‘Don’t Know What Else to Do’

Taylor Swift on AMA | Taylor Swift wrote a lengthy note on her social media accounts in connection to the upcoming American...

Pinay Fan Meets Taylor Swift in Japan

This Pinay Fan was at Loft Shibuya, Japan, when she saw Taylor Swift while shopping for her souvenir items. She even hugged...

Taylor Swift Calls Pop Superstars To Have Better Deals With New...

Taylor Swift has called on other big stars to make a better deal with undiscovered songwriters and artists.

Kris Aquino Reveals Her Dream Daughter-In-Law For Bimby

This lady is the dream daughter-in-law of Kris Aquino for her second son Bimby Queen of all Media Kris Aquino is a protective and...

Taylor’s On Top: Highest Paid Celebrity

Taylor's on top as she is the world’s highest-paid celebrity. Taylor's on top as she is the world's top earning celebrity with $170 Million over the...

Taylor Swift Gives House Tour For Fans.

Taylor Swift Tours you in her abode. Taylor Swift is indeed one of the most promising singers today who inspired a lot of people including...

Pat Schwarzenegger Takes Supplements

American model and actor, Pat Schwarzenegger, gave a clarity on the real thing that he took while he was at the Coachella music festival...