‘Diploma o Diskarte?’ Diwata’s Best Answer to a Viral Question

“Diploma o Diskarte?” This is the viral question that has been circulating on social media, captivating netizens with their diverse perspectives. You might find yourself pondering over this question too.

However, what’s truly remarkable is the response of a certain individual, Queen Diwata, whose life story has become widely known and admired. Nearly everyone familiar with her journey understands the hardships she endured before becoming a viral sensation and achieving success as a street food vendor.

Looking back at Diwata’s journey from the beginning, it’s evident that she wasn’t fortunate enough to obtain a diploma. She started her life as a street vendor, lived under bridges, worked as a construction worker, and explored various other endeavors until she saved up enough to become a renowned street food vendor, drawing crowds and catching the attention of vloggers.

According to Diwata, “mas mahalaga ang diploma dahil kung may diploma ka mas marami ka pang diskarting magagawa sa buhay, Subalit kung hindi ka pinalad at wla lang diploma nasa tao na kung paano ito dumiskaete ng umangat siya sa buhay”.

Diwata’s perspective sheds light on the importance of education and formal credentials but also emphasizes the significance of resourcefulness and strategic thinking in achieving success. Her story serves as inspiration for many, proving that regardless of one’s educational background, determination and ingenuity can pave the way to success.

In a world where the value of education is often debated, Diwata’s journey reminds us that while diplomas may open doors, it’s ultimately our resilience and ability to adapt and strategize that determine how far we can go in life. Whether armed with a diploma or not, it’s our resourcefulness and determination that truly shape our destiny.

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