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Controversial Video: How Foreigners React to Duterte’s Comments

Foreigners React to Duterte’s Comment

Another from Duterte – Facebook user Politikang Ina Mo posted a very controversial video captioned, “How Foreigners React to Duterte’s Comments Sikat na sikat na si Duterte!.” The said post is now receiving a lot of comments, both positive and negative and is now has 1, 214, 718 views and still counting with 16, 181 shares and counting.

As the video goes, selected foreigners were watching Duterte’s controversial videos. “As they are watching the video, Olivia from France as seen in the video reacted saying “Is he drunk? (laughing) I think he’s drunk.”

Dan from England also reacted on the video saying Duterte is a bit child-like and quite amateurish. He even added, “I’d imagine that they’re his sort of supporters. They’re just as bad as he is, really.”

Mosses from South Korea said, “You know I think [they’re] trying to criticize their own country. He might be trying to [bring] justice in the Philippines, but it [won’t] be justice.”

Mosses even added that it would be making more trouble because of what Duterte is trying to do.

Olivia even reacted to Duterte as being a womanizer, adding that in the so-called diplomacy when you have to be very careful of what you said because if we bring it back to politics

Dan concluded that he doesn’t like Duterte.

Keosha from the USA said, “Seems pretty chauvinistic. This is backwards. For a while, he’s reminded me of Donald Trump.”

She even added to her comment saying, “So for him [Duterte] to have those type of thoughts and say those things, and he was Mayor when he said this? I don’t know man. I see sanctions coming and possibly China to spread its dominance in the area.”

“When he’s kissing other girls and roaming around, he’s really low-educated thinker,” Moses from South Korea said.

In the end of the interview, Olivia from France close it by saying, “So it’s a lot of showing off, but not with how [he’s] going to do it. So everyone is responsible, everyone is part of it, right. It’s all our responsibility.”

Watch the video here:

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