Storm “Butchoy” To Enter Philippine Area Of Responsibility Tomorrow

A tropical depression has intensified into a storm off the Pacific Ocean is expected to land the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) tomorrow, according to the weather bureau. Yesterday as of 4 PM, the tropical depression with the international name Pepartak, was seen at 2,060 kilometers east of Mindanao. The disturbance has a wind of … Read more

Anne Curtis Undergone Training With Scout Rangers

In preparation for her action flick movie with Filipino American MMA star Brandon Vera, Ann Curtis revealed that she is undergoing a strict Kali Martial Arts training with the Scout Rangers. “Running whilst carrying an extra 12kgs on your body is so painful but they keep the morale high with the running cadence. Masarap na … Read more

Archbishop Sorcates Villegas To Duterte: Catholic Church is not Your Enemy

Despite the conflict between President Duterte and the Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Bishops of the Philippines Archbishop Sorcates Villegas reassured that they support Duterte. Archbishop Villegas said that the Church will give support to the new administration and will keep an eye of his actions during his term. Villegas also expressed hope that President Duterte … Read more

Teddy Locsin On Duterte’s Inaugural Speech: “It wasn’t. It wasn’t inspiring. Instead, I was puzzled,”

Yesterday, Rodrigo Duterte, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines has delivered his meaningful speech, which was considered by most Filipinos as among the most beautiful Inaugural speech in the History of the incoming president of the country. In his speech, he explicitly emphasized how can drugs destroy a family relationship by saying, … Read more

Health Warning: 3 Kinds Of Leftover You Should Never Ever Eat Again

 3 Kinds Of Leftover You Should Never Ever Eat Again If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to mess out to save everything, next time you should think twice before doing such things like constantly eating leftover foods, as leftovers could be bad for your overall health. Obvious, leftover foods don’t taste … Read more

Shocking Revelation: Seizing The Prophetic Destiny of The Philippines

Philippines, 5th most mineralized nation in the world, 2nd largest deposit of gold in the world, number 1 producer of gold in Asia number 2 in the world, 3rd largest deposit of copper in the world, 4th largest deposit of nickel in the world, 5th largest deposit of Manganese in the world, 6th largest deposit … Read more

Nokia CEO, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

Nokia was one of the world’s biggest and most successful mobile phone manufacturer, in fact, over half of the world’s mobile phones are Nokia phones, but then it was been acquired by Microsoft (who then rebranded the company into Microsoft Mobile). Nothing last forever. In 2010 the mobile phone giant started to downhill path, and … Read more

An Open Letter Goes Viral After It Changed Many Lives Of People Who Have Read This

A letter with a title, “A Note To Myself” goes viral all over Facebook after garnering thousands of shares and reactions from the netizens who can relate to it. The open letter was posted by Facebook page Inspiring Stuff. We may face many failures and difficulties in life, hardship and struggles, doubts and discouragement, we … Read more

Duterte’s Administration to Open a 24-hour Hotline For Public Grievances

A few days from now before his assumption to office, Duterte revealed that he will immediately be more directive in acting on the most particular of public injustices by implementing a 24-hour hotline accessible to every Filipino. In an exclusive interview with Mocha Uson, Duterte said that over the weekend the 24-hour hotline of public … Read more