Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck Going Uphill Elicit Reactions

Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck While Going Uphill Elicit Reactions Video of a group of cyclists holding onto a wing van truck while going uphill elicits reactions from the online community. Riding uphill is one of the most difficult aspects of riding. It can be difficult, draining strength and quickness. Unfortunately, there is no … Read more

Roberti: Truck Drivers Should Be Routinely Tested For Sleep Apnea


Luca Roberti, president of Apnoici Italiani, the Italian sleep apnea patient association, called for compulsory testing of sleep-related breathing problems among truck drivers. According to a study presented by Roberti at the European Respiratory Society international congress Monday, it shows that approximately half of 905 Italian truck drivers suffered from sleep-related breathing disorders that may … Read more