Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck Going Uphill Elicit Reactions

Group of Cyclists Holding on Truck While Going Uphill Elicit Reactions

Video of a group of cyclists holding onto a wing van truck while going uphill elicits reactions from the online community.

Riding uphill is one of the most difficult aspects of riding. It can be difficult, draining strength and quickness. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for making hills easier, but there are several tips you can use to make riding uphill more comfortable.

You might even come to appreciate the challenge of cycling uphill with some practice, a little technique, and the correct understanding. If you want to improve your cycling uphill skills, you must use the proper cadence, momentum, posture, breathing, gearing, and nutrition tactics.

Cyclists Holding Truck Uphill

Meanwhile, in a video posted on a Facebook page called “Publisher,” a bunch of cyclists devised a means to make their route uphill easier. The group is seen in the footage clutching onto the wing van as they travel uphill.

This may appear to be a great notion to them, but it is extremely dangerous to others. As shown in the video, some of the bikers are on the right side of the truck, while others are toward the back.

The video has gone popular on social media, eliciting several reactions from the online community. Netizens are condemning the riders’ proposal since it is extremely risky if the truck’s brakes fail.

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