Meryll Soriano on the possibility that Willie will get married: ‘Sana wag na!’

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This is what Meryll Soriano said when asked about the possibility that Willie Revillame will get married Culion actress Meryll Soriano has spoken a piece of her mind regarding the possibility that her father Wowowin host Willie Revillame will get married again. Meryll shared in a recent interview her opinion about the love life of … Read more

Willie Revillame Warns Public On “Wowowin Audience Fee”

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Willie Revillame has this warning to ‘Wowowin’ audience Primetime game show host Willie Revillame warned the public on the “Wowowin audience fee” as there are still people who are doing this scam. Indeed, Wowowin is one of the most popular game show now. Aside from the entertainment that the show is giving to the audience, … Read more

Wowowin: This Former Host Will Join Willie Revillame’s Show Again

Who is this former Wowowin host that will be joining Willie Revillame again? Kapuso game show host Willie Revillame is set to be working again with a former co-host who will return in Wowowin. The popular primetime show has become a household name since it has started. Aside from the big prizes that await the … Read more

Willie Revillame Sells His Luxury Cars Due To This Reason

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Luxury cars of Willie Revillame are for sale Wowowin host Willie Revillame is selling several of his luxury cars because of this particular reason. Willie is indeed one of the richest Filipino celebrities because of his several properties. Aside from luxury cars, the game show host also owns a yacht, a private plane, 2 helicopters, … Read more

Why Willie Revillame Said To ‘Wowowin’ Viewers, “Hindi po ako mayor”?

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Willie Revillame has this statement of ‘Wowowin’ viewers Kapuso game show host Willie Revillame said to Wowowin viewers, “hindi po ako mayor”, due to this reason. The game show of the comedian-host has been known to be generous in giving prizes to contestants, as well as the members of the audience. Despite the past and … Read more

Willie Revillame Back On Taping Now After ‘Wowowin’ January 22 Accident

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He’s back! Willie Revillame does taping again for ‘Wowowin Kapuso game show host Willie Revillame is back on Wowowin taping after lamenting over the January 22 accident. It can be recalled that an accident happened in the studio of the game show when two members of the audience fell from the gallery. One victim got … Read more

Willie Revillame Stops Taping For Wowowin After January 22 Accident

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No ‘Wowowin’ taping for Willie Revillame following the January 22 accident Kapuso game show host Willie Revillame has not done any taping for Wowowin after the January 22 accident. It can be recalled that on that day, 2 members of the audience accidentally fell from the gallery. One was injured while the other one lost … Read more

Willie Revillame ‘Wowowin’: This Happened Before The Jan. 22 Accident

What happened before the accident in ‘Wowowin’ of Willie Revillame? Before the accident that took place on January 22, 2019, at the studio of Wowowin, this happened during the show’s taping of Willie Revillame. Two of the audience members fell from a platform while dancing along with the show’s theme song. One got injured while … Read more

Willie Revillame Game Show Accident Recalled Following Recent Incident

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Accidents that have happened in Willie Revillame game show recalled. WILLIE REVILLAME GAME SHOW – The stampede from 2006 in “Wowowee” hosted by Willie Revillame was remembered following recent death incident of an audience. Just recently, reports about the death of a live studio audience watching Willie Revillame‘s game show “Wowowin” in GMA network have … Read more

Wowowin “Epic Fail” Despacito Dance Goes Viral On Facebook

The “epic fail” Despacito dance in Wowowin went viral The Despacito dance in Wowowin went “epic fail” and the video of what happened caught the attention of many netizens. Dance numbers are one of the usual parts of a variety show. The variety game show of Willie Revillame also has this portion. Aside from various … Read more