Wowowin to Return on Television After the Alleged Negotiation with the Jalosjos

After its last airing on February 11, 2022, as a blocktimer on GMA-7, Willie Revillame reached out to his fans about the imminent return of Wowowin to television. In a post on the Wowowin social media page, it was stated, “HINDI NA CHISMIS! Malapit na malapit na!”


Wowowin has been a favorite show among the masses for eight years, starting from May 10, 2015, until February 11, 2022, on GMA-7, and it continued on All TV on September 13, 2022, but moved to different stations before that. It initially appeared as Wowowee on ABS-CBN, where it faced a significant challenge.

On February 4, 2006, at Ultra Pasig, a major tragedy occurred during the anniversary of Wowowee. It resulted in the death of 73 people and injuries to over 400 individuals due to an unexpected rush of 30,000 people. Despite the tragedy, Willie Revillame continued with his show, consistently bringing joy, assistance, and surprises to those in need. This was recognized by the simple catchphrase that became a hallmark of the program: “Bigyan ng Jacket Yan” (Give them a Jacket).

Willie Revillame

In recent days, there have been rumors circulating about Willie Revillame’s return to television. The official Facebook page of Wowowin posted a picture of him with former Presidential Legislative Liaison Office Secretary Jimmy Policarpio. This brought even more joy and hope to the program’s fans. Before this, negotiations between Willie and the tape executive were also reported, allegedly involving a plan to offer Wellie as a replacement for their show, but no complete details about this news emerged.

The happiness of the fans can be seen in the comment section of the Wowowin Facebook page. Messages of support and excitement from those eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite show have sprung up. In one comment, the Wowowin Facebook page stated, “Bringing joy, assistance, and more prizes to Filipinos nationwide!” This is evidence that Wowowin is not just a game show but a program with a deeper meaning for Filipinos.

Wowowin Negotiation

With Wowowin’s return to television, we can expect more happiness, assistance, and prizes that will bring entertainment and joy to Filipinos across the country. Willie Revillame’s program is not just a simple entertainment show; it is a part of Philippine culture that values cooperation, contribution, and love for fellow citizens. So, it’s not just Willie’s fans who are eagerly waiting, but the entire Filipino nation, seeking positive change and hope on television.

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