SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: 13 Things You Should Remove From Facebook


Here are the things that you should remove from Facebook as part of useful social media tips

The online community should be aware of these social media tips that suggest removing 13 things from Facebook.

Facebook can be considered as the most used social media platform nowadays. According to Home Remedies Star, more than 230 million individuals over the world use Facebook. Probably, this number did not include those with multiple accounts.

However, an article from HRS suggested that Facebook users should be aware of what they post and upload on the said social media app.

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Here are the 13 things you should remove from Facebook:

Relationship status
This could be a humblebrag about that aspect of your life but it could be a disadvantage for you, especially when you change it from “in a relationship” to “single”.

Kids’ photos
You are maybe proud of posting photos of your adorable kids but their cuteness may attract “predators” which will put them at risk.

School/childcare information of your kids
This may also put your kids at risk, especially that your showing information about them.

Faulty pictures
People applying for a job or already working should take note of this. Refrain from posting faulty photos such as those showing your doing vices and senseless things. Managers, always if not most of the time, consult your Facebook profile to say something about you.

Friends who are not really your friends
Limit your friends list with people you really know. You might not know who are scrolling your feed.

Credit/Debit/Bank Information
You may find convenience in purchasing things on Facebook but immediately delete card information. Programmers may use this to exploit you.

Telephone number
If you are not giving your phone number to random people you bumped with on the street, then, it is also a big no-no to provide your personal contact information to whoever online.

Be careful who you tag and who tags you in a post. Some people may see the post without you knowing about it.

It is a good thing to receive birthday greeting but when it rains on you coming from people who really don’t know is quite unnecessary.

Your job will be compromised if your manager sees inappropriate content on your feed.

Vacation plans
Don’t be so generous in giving information about where your escapades are going to be. Just save the photos to prevent unnecessary incidents while you are not at home.

At the moment
This kind of post may attract people with hidden agenda, knowing where you are and you are not at home.

Travel tickets
Just like the one mentioned prior to this, showing your travel tickets could also put you at risk as several things about your trip are written there, according to the article.

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