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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Netflix Cancels Free Trial Offers – What’s Next For Platform?

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Netflix Cancels Free Trial Offers Leaving Mix Reactions From Subscribers

NETFLIX CANCELS FREE TRIAL OFFERS – For quite some time now, Netflix has been at the top of the paid streaming platform ladder.

With a wider variety of shows and original series and movies under its belt, Netflix surely became bigger than ever. Aside from the available content, one of the things that made the platform so popular was its free trial services.

However, the streaming platform recently announced that they would eliminate free trial offerings. As such, you need to subscriber to one of its paid plans if you want to access the content on Netflix.

Netflix Cancels Free Trial Offers – What's Next For Platform?
Image from: Popular Science

According to an article from The Next Web, this change was originally noticed by Phil Swann, the TV Answer Man. Along with this, Netflix itself said in the help center page that free trials are no longer available.

But, it’s still unclear what the reason for this change was. Some speculate that it’s because of the platforms recent growth. Meanwhile, others see this as the streaming platform’s way of negating free trial abusers.

In fact, some of these abusers have even used Netflix’s free trial offering as a way to make their own business. However, Netflix has yet to comment on the reason for the shift.

So, if you’re excited to watch exclusive Netflix’s top hits such as The Haunting of Bly Manor, Tiger King, or Emily In Paris, you have to pay up or get out. But, this business decision has existed throughout history.

Often times, free trials are just ran for a limited time to grab customer attention. However, once the company or a product has reached a large enough customer base, then they would likely cancel the free trial subscriptions.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment below!

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