ADOBE CS OR ADOBE CC: Which One Do You Prefer?

As one of the customers of Adobe, which one do you prefer the most? You decide.

ADOBE CS OR ADOBE CC – Adobe has just updated its software from Creative Suite (CS) into Creative Cloud (CC). Which one do you prefer? Can’t decide yet? Let’s compare these versions in this blog.

Adobe CS or Adobe CC
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Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe CS)

Adobe Creative Suite is a traditional software made by Adobe. It allows you to buy one-time payment for specific software you want to avail. You can use them even without the presence of the internet and logging in to your Adobe account. The only disadvantage of using the software under the Creative Suite is that it doesn’t allow you to update the software automatically.

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC)

Adobe Creative Cloud is an up-to-date software that allows you to lease their products by paying monthly subscription fees. You can store your files and documents online through the use of Cloud-based storage. Compared to the previous version, Adobe CC has its own CC Desktop Application where you can navigate on new updates and software you want to install. Applications like Adobe XD, Typekit and Adobe Spark can only be available only on Adobe CC. Also, it has built-in tutorials and templates to every software in order for you to get started.

According to Adobe, Creative Cloud “gives you the world’s best apps and services for video, design, photography, and the web.” Indeed, it has state-of-the-art software that is continually updating for the benefit of its users.

As one of the customers of Adobe, which one do you prefer? Will you stick to Creative Suite or will you just adjust yourself by using Creative Cloud? You decide.

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